We have a few catering options to choose from depending on size, type and budget of your event. If you have something special in mind we are always up to collaborate.


Full-service Ice Cream Sandwich Bar:

The Baked Bear full service catering includes 2 of our trained staff bringing our catering cart out to your event to make custom, made-to-order ice cream sandwiches for your guests.  You can pick up to 4 ice cream flavors and 4 cookie flavors.

There is a $200 flat rate, which includes insurance, transportation/rental fees, and 2 hours of service labor. From there, we charge $5 per person. Anything over 200 sandwiches, the charge is $4.50 per person.

*Ask about our mini ice cream sandwich option


Prepackaged Ice Cream Sandwiches:
With this option we will pre-make your ice cream sandwiches with the freshly baked cookies and ice cream flavors of your choice and freeze them at our store 24 hours before your event. The day of your event we will deliver them or you can pick them up. This is great for smaller events, office parties, holidays, etc. $3.25/each



Please give us a call or email us at and we can plan together.

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